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Health and Safety


- At the start of each shoot a general safety briefing is given by one of the Simulated Team Members. Briefing will include: general safety matters, day itinerary and weather conditions.

Clothing, Safety Wear & Personal Medication:

- Head, eye and ear protection must be worn at all times during the Simulated Clay Shooting drives, the weather is always changing and sometimes small fragments of clays do go astray. PPE is available at all locations but must be returned.

- As Simulated days are held all year round, we are shooting in four different seasons. Each person must be prepared for all weather conditions and must be dressed accordingly.

- If you are on medication make sure you bring this with you. Asthma sufferers should make a particular note of this. If you allergic to bee or wasp stings, remember to take your antihistamine medication with you.

Drives and Guns:

- All guns to be carried to and from shooting stands in an unloaded condition, broken or in a slip.

- Semi autos must be carried to and from stands with an ‘auto-safe’ flag.

- Shooting or attempted shooting of live quarry is not permitted at any time.

- You will be required to show your licence each time you attend a shoot.

- Please place empty cartridges and associated rubbish in the bins provided.

- All guns loaded and unloaded need to be facing into the shooting position.

- Barrels will get hot so either wear leather gloves or use a barrel guard to protect your hands. Woollen gloves do not have sufficient grip and barrels may slip through the wool particularly in wet weather.

- You must ensure you are equipped with a shotgun and suitable ammunition for the day. You must ensure that your gun is safe and well maintained.

- Always check that barrels are free of obstructions before loading your weapon. In the event of a misfire or other weapon malfunction, unload the gun with the barrels pointing away from others.

- Guns should always be unloaded at the end of the drive and put away in slips. Unslipped guns left on the ground, can be trodden on by people and dogs or run over by vehicles.

- Guns must comply with the relevant firearms law and, where necessary, be in possession of the relevant certificates. You must bring your certificates with you when you are shooting with us.

Transport & Movement:

All guns must travel in Shoot bus provided unless told differently. Care should be taken when alighting the Shoot Bus. Do not stand up when the vehicle is moving. You must ensure you are safely seated and do not endanger the safety of other passengers or distract the driver. When unloading from the vehicle ensure you have the correct gun and ammunition. There is a door bell in the Shoot Bus which is there for you to press to stop the outfit immediately and safely.

First Aiders and Equipment:

Jessica Thorrold and Philip Thorrold are both first aiders from September 2019.

First Aid Equipment is carried in the Shoot Bus and in the Shoot Lodge.

This page was last updated 29/09/2019